Our intentions

When we have introduced traditional crafts that became so rare in modern Japanese homes,
to our acquaintances in overseas, they have appreciated them very much.
Others also have appreciated them that they have purchased a few Nanbu ironware.
The great appreciation we have received from people in overseas through Japanese traditional crafts had motivated us to start this business. We endeavor to introduce Japanese culture to overseas through traditional items that have been around in Japan for ages. We strongly wish to grow with craftsmen by understanding the culture and the market in the destination countries, honing the knowledge and the wisdom, and nurture the products that would be well established in the country through our unique ability to propose. Also, we wish that great appreciation of Japanese traditional crafts achieved in overseas will provide the opportunity for Japanese consumers to rediscover the value of Japanese tradition.

Sake, which provides depth and enriches lives.
We will suggest the best possible products that are suitable for each of our customers.

There still remain so many unknown but tasty Sake, shochu, and fruit liquors made from them in Japan.
We believe that making those liquors known to the market is one of our missions.
We can sell tasty premium liquors that are not yet marketed in overseas from reasonable quantity.
In addition to liquors, we are selling Japanese foodstuffs, Japanese green tea, tea wares, dinner wares.
They all are fine pieces with safety, security and functional beauty crafted by Japanese craftsmen.
We welcome inquiries from all, including individuals, in addition to eateries and stores that wish to sell Japanese food and items.
We also welcome the inquiries from those who are interested but have no clue on where to start.
We will provide the best solution that fits your needs.