Sake/Food Product Department

This is our key department.
We export liquors/food products mainly to east Asia, and South America regions.
We purchase products from manufacturers from all over Japan, gather them into containers arranged by us, and export them out of Japan.
We export products from several manufacturers by consolidating into one container.
Thus you will have no risk of quality deterioration caused by dead stocks in overseas, as we can accept small lots of less than 10 cases of the same product.
Additionally, we will handle consolidated cargo that cannot fill a whole container. Dry (unrefrigerated), and reefer (Refrigerated) containers, and air freight
In order to ensure the quality of products, we basically use refrigerated containers for the export of Sake and export to South America regions.

1) Purchase by us

We will export your products by purchasing them, and assist them to be repeatedly purchased products with the cooperation from local sales partners.
This is the best approach for the manufacturers as it provides peace of mind: This approach allows manufacturers to avoid facing any risks in collecting sales proceeds, while marketing activities in the destination countries are handled independently by us.
We appreciate the business with the manufacturers who are serious about setting exporting as a part of their business, since a very close relationships with suppliers are quintessential for continuous business activities.

2) Export agent service

We will provide assistance to our customers by placing their products in our containers, as well as customs clearance, quarantine, and delivery to the designated warehouse.
This service is only available for those manufacturers who already have their own customers in the destination countries, and all of their exported products are accepted by the customer.
In addition, we can support the importing needs for particular food products by customers in overseas.